During the stillness of an all-day meditation retreat, the following lines emerged. My hope is that they inspire you to take action in your own life. Please feel free to share them with others who may find them useful, including my attribution. In gratitude…


“Stars may come and go, but legends last forever. Lift up your voice. Be legendary.” – Leslie S. Rivera


“You are both the lock and the key to your own triumphant expression.” – Leslie S. Rivera


“The world yearns for you to unleash your potentiality….” – Leslie S. Rivera


“We are all living, breathing potential ready to express.” – Leslie S. Rivera


“With love in my heart, I am richer than any queen on earth or in the heavens.” – Leslie S. Rivera


“I am a force to be reckoned with, so take your unhappiness elsewhere. I’m on a mission.” – Leslie S. Rivera


“Look beyond your limitations, and then you’ll see yourself through my eyes.” – Leslie S. Rivera


“I asked the universe for guidance, and she sent you.” – Leslie S. Rivera