The Riveras Meeting ObamaHi, I’m Leslie Rivera, M.A. founder of The Artful Assistant.

Just like you, I love my business, and make a big difference with the clients I work with. Recently, I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl. It has changed my life, and I know firsthand how precious time is.

After spending years as a Publicist, Event Coordinator, and Analyst, I decided to focus on bringing high-level virtual support to heart-centered businesses. So many of you needed help with copywriting, social media, book publishing, and publicity—I knew I could have a huge impact!

I received an M.A. in Writing & Book Publishing from Portland State University, as well.  My expertise gives me unique insight into the world of content marketing. I work hands-on with coaches, speakers, philanthropic leaders, and authors to streamline and up-level their content marketing campaigns.

And as a side-note, I believe that when you set an intention, and commit to achieving it, you will bring it to life. At least that’s how my family was able to meet President Obama—a recent dream of ours.

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The Artful Assistant Team

As my business continues to grow, I’m able to work with a brilliant team of virtual specialists. Under my direct management, The Artful Assistant includes several professionals that often lend a hand behind the scenes.

While all of our work is guaranteed to exceed your standards, you will be matched with the right team member who handles your content marketing needs by creating content for email campaigns, or scheduling social media messages.

In other words, no one can do it alone. I am thankful to touch even more lives by employing a super-talented team that can help even more coaches, speakers, philanthropic leaders, and authors excel at their craft. Are you ready to see real results in your business? Call us to help meet your goals.